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Treaty-Making and the Role of Parliaments

Posted on :13 December 2022

The Members of the Parliament and the Secretariat Staff led by the Hon’ble Speaker attended a workshop on Treaty-Making and the Role of Parliaments organized by the Parliament and INTER PARES in Partnership.

The workshop aims to provide the Parliament of Bhutan with a better understanding of the role of Parliament in ratifying international conventions and treaties, with a focus on:

  1. Why regional and international convention and treaties increasingly matter;
  2. The breadth and depth of the conventions and treaties;
  3. How does it impact on the country’s law;
  4. Comparative perspective of how other Parliament deal with it; and 
  5. Role of Parliament in ratifying the conventions and treaties.

There has been growing importance of conventions and treaties in the increasingly interdependent world and how and why conventions and treaties have increasingly impacted the lives of individuals and the country itself. The third Parliaments has ratified several agreements and conventions. 

The workshop has been a good reflection and strategizing on how Parliaments can have a scrutiny role in ratifying conventions and agreements and provide valuable input in its formulation.

Each session was followed by a Question Answer.


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