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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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Center for Governance and Research consults with  Members of the National Assembly

Center for Governance and Research consults with Members of the National Assembly

Mr. Sangay Khandu and Mr. Nima, from the Center for Governance and Research,  met with the members of the National Assembly today at the Lhen-Zom Khangzang in preparation for the Public Hearing Workshop to be held in Paro from July 17-19, 2024. The meeting was conducted to consult with the members on the requirements for the upcoming workshop. The consultants also met with Research Assistants and Committee Secretaries of the National Assembly and the National Council. 

Public hearings are a crucial oversight tool for the Parliament, allowing for transparency, accountability, and public participation in the legislative process. They provide a platform for lawmakers to gather information, hear testimonies, and address concerns from various stakeholders, including citizens, experts, and interest groups. This mechanism helps ensure that legislative decisions are well-informed and reflect the needs and interests of the public.

To date, only one public hearing has been conducted, highlighting the need for more extensive use of this tool. The upcoming workshop, organized by Project Nyamdrel II implemented by International IDEA with support from the European Union, aims to enhance the capacity of the Members of Parliament in conducting effective public hearings in the future. By equipping the Members with the necessary skills and knowledge, the workshop seeks to promote better governance and strengthen the democratic process in Bhutan.