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  1. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner and shall respect the authority of the Speaker. In particular, members shall not speak or stand when the Speaker is speaking.
  2. Members shall always clad themselves in the formal national dress.
  3. Members shall refrain from eating and smoking in the House.Except for the electronic devices related to the daily business of the House, Members shall not use mobile phones and other electronics which are not related to the daily business of the House.
  4. Members shall refrain from loud laughter, clapping and using profane, offensive and vulgar or un-parliamentary expressions.
  5. A member shall not read any other documents except in connec­tion with the business of the House.
  6. Members shall refrain from engaging in conversation or walk­ing in the House when a member is speaking.
  7. If a member has to leave the hall under compelling situation, the member shall fold down his Kabney while leaving and re-entering as a gesture of respect to the House.
  8. Every member shall subscribe to maintaining the decorum and dignity of the House and shall desist from acts of defamation and use of physical force.
  9. A member shall not indulge in any activity that adversely af­fects the National Assembly, national sovereignty and integrity of Bhutan.
  10. A member shall not use information which is not in the public domain, or information obtained in confidence in the course of their parliamentary duties to further the member’s private in­terests or those of a member of his family, or to further another person’s private interests.
  11. No member shall impose threat, intimidation or use individual influence to encourage another member to make any remarks in the National Assembly.
  12. A member shall declare all gifts and benefits received in con­nection with their official duties, in accordance with the rules prescribed by Anti Corruption Commission.
  13. A member shall before receiving international awards inform the National Assembly. The National Assembly shall decide whether the international award in question can be accepted by the member.
  14. A member shall not maintain or operate bank account in any country outside Bhutan.



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