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Ministers were questioned during the first question hour of the Seventh session today

Posted on :03 June 2016

The Member of Kabisa Talog constituency questioned the Minister for Information and Communication on whether the age limit for the taxi drivers could be increased beyond the current permissible age of 60, provided they have clean medical certificate. The minister responded that, the age limit was already increased to 60 from 55 recently and considering the current scenario of health and road conditions in the country, the immediate possibility to increase age limit is very less. However, he said depending on the situation the government will further study on the issue and may consider based on the findings from the study.


The Opposition Leader (OL) questioned the Prime Minister, whether the OD recommendations implemented by RCSC is in line with the existing laws especially the Local Government Act and Forest and Nature conservation Act. OL pointed out that he is particularly concerned on the fate of social forestry programme under the present institutional arrangement. Hon Prime Minister (HPM) informed that the OD recommendations are being discussed and cleared by Cabinet. He said so far whatever is being implemented under OD recommendations does not have conflict with existing laws and further RCSC is doing it in consultation with the agencies and concerned professionals. HPM  also mentioned that Cabinet has not approved some of the OD recommendations of RCSC.  

The Dramedtse-Ngatshang Member questioned the minister for Home and Cultural Affairs, if the government has plans to draft standard procedures for giving government owned lands on lease. The Minister for Home and Cultural Affairs  in his response said that, following the land kidu granted by His Majesty based on the recent national cadastral survey, many such issues pertaining to land were solved. He also added that now the government should take back the government owned lands which are in use by people to cease misunderstanding among the people, for which the directives to remove the temporary structures from the government  lands  were already issued by the Land Commission. Supplementing the answer, the Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Forests said that there is already a land lease procedures being implemented by dzongkhags and above that the use right system of land management is also under implementation.


Lastly the Boomdeling Jamkhar Member questioned the Minister for the Information and Communication, whether the helicopter service is upto the satisfaction in fulfilling its goals and objectives in the country. The minister responded by bringing in light the services availed from the helicopter so far. He informed the house that the helicopter has made 38 flights solely for the purpose of  medical assistance;  4 flights for fire fighting services, 31 official flights, 36 flights for tourists, etc. Till March 2016, the average running cost was Nu.5.5mn per month  while return was nu.6.55 mn per month.  Hon Minister concluded by informing the house that the second helicopter will soon arrive in the country.


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