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Motion moved on the need for Policy and Guidelines for the Right of Way (ROW) of transmission lines.

Posted on :04 June 2019

The Member from Draagteng-Langthil constituency moved the motion for an immediate policy and guidelines for the Right of Way (ROW) of transmission lines as rural people are most affected by it. The Member from Lhamoidzingkha-Tashiding constituency supported the motion.


The Member moving the motion, submitted that there are more than 1102.074km of high voltage transmission line constructed. As per the notification issued by the National Land Commission Secretariat, dated 8th Sep, 2013, Bhutan Power Corporation is authorised to acquire private land falling under the transmission tower (Pylon) in rural areas with the payment of compensation to  the landowner and  either transfer the land registration to the BPC or get it on lease.  The compensation or land substitution is only for the construction of pylon tower, which is approximately 10 decimal.


Rural people are now facing challenges in getting clearances for residential constructions in their registered land.  According to clause 9 (minimum approachable distance) of Safety Code, Bhutan Electricity Authority, 2008 states that the Minimum Approach Distance for 400 kV is 8.3m, for 220kV is 5.5m, for 132kV is 4.2m, for 66kV is 2.8m, for 33kV is 2.1m, for 11kV is 1.5m and for 0.4kV is 0.5m. The Member mentioned that compensation and private land substitution during the execution of the transmission line was based on the notification issued by the National Land Commission. There is no existing policy or guidelines for proper and uniform implementation.


Based on the above reasons, the Member moved three motions:  

  1.  Bhutan Power Corporation or the relevant agencies should frame a policy, guidelines, rules and regulations on the transmission line.
  2. As far as possible avoid private registered land in the rural areas, if it is inevitable, land must be substituted or compensated for the ROW
  3. The landscape beauty of the locality should not be compromised by the construction of pylon tower.


The House voted on the three motions and the first motion was passed with 35 Yes, 6 No and 3 Abstaining out of 44 Members present and voting.

The vote on the second motion was also passed with 36 Yes, 4 No and 4 Abstain out of 44 Members present and voting.

The Third Motion was also passed with 33 voted Yes, 4 Voted No and 7 Abstain out of 44 Members present and voting.

Attached is the motion submitted to the House  


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