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The Joint Sitting of the Parliament continues deliberation on the Review of the Performance Audit Report (PAR)

Posted on :06 December 2017

The Joint Sitting of the Parliament continued deliberations on the Review of the Seven Performance Audit Report of various sectors today.


On the Performance Audit Report on Business Opportunity and Information Center (BoIC), the Royal Audit Authority had made 12 recommendations to enhance greater accountability, improve decision making and effective implementation of plans and programs in the BoIC, whose works are now being pursued by the Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Limited. Out of the 12 recommendations 4 recommendations were implemented and 8 partially implemented.


After much deliberation, the House endorsed the 6th Recommendations made by the Public Accounts Committee that is

REDCL should immediately implement efficient monitoring in coordination with relevant stakeholders and to institute measures to strictly comply n recovery of funds given by BoIC and the succeeding entity (REDCL).”


An additional recommendation made by the House was also endorsed as Recommendation 7, “to improve the services provided by the RECDL, it must fix Turnaround Time for its services.”


On the Performance Audit Report on Employment Generation and Promotion Initiatives, the House amended the Committee’s recommendation as Recommendation 8:

The Labour Force Survey should be carried out by the National Statistical Bureau and not by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources.”


On the Performance Audit Report on Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL), the House endorsed the recommendation made by the PAC that “The draft proposal submitted to MoAF on adequate funds for National Food Security Reserve (NFRS) and SAARC Food Security reserve should be reviewed at the earliest and approved” as Recommendation 9.


On the Performance Audit Report on Provision of Patient Meals, the House endorsed the recommendation of the PAC that is

vigorous implementation of the Guidelines for Inpatient Food Services for Bhutan 2013 should be carried out with placement of adequate dieticians in the hospitals by the Health Ministry” as Recommendation 10.


On the PAR Audit Report on Provision of Patient Meals, the House endorsed the committee Recommendation 11: “Ministry of Education needs to develop standard School Food Menu using the Bhutan Dietary Guidelines for School Children 2015 developed by the Ministry of Health.”


On the PAR on Tourism Sector, the House after much deliberation endorsed the committee recommendation with amendments as Recommendation 12: “Tourism Council of Bhutan should expedite to formulate comprehensive tourism policy and legislation and ensure effective implementation of plans and programs.”


The Joint Sitting of the Parliament voted on the 11 Recommendations of the PAC and 1 new Recommendation from the House and passed the 12 Recommendations with 59 “Yes” votes, 1 “No” votes and 2 “Abstain”.


In his dissenting opinion, the Member from Nubi-Tangsibji expressed his disappointment with the amount of unresolved irregularities reported each year, poor implementation statuses of resolutions adopted by the Parliament and that the number of days allocated for the Performance Audit Report needs to be increased.



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