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Voting records in detail of…Home མཛད་སྒོ ཚོགས་རྒྱན་གྱི་ཐོའི་ ཁ་གསལ། Voting records in detail of the 5th Session of the 2nd Parliament

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Office Order issued by the Hon Speaker
List of agenda on which votings were held
1.Deliberation on Bio-safety bill of Bhutan (12.05.2015)
2.Deliberation on the local Govt. Members Entitlement Bill of Bhutan 2014 (12.05.2015)
3.Deliberation on the Office of Attorney General Bill of Bhutan 2014 (13.05.2015)
4.Deliberation on the Tenancy (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2014 (14.05.2015)
5.Voting on section 16 of chapter 6 (15.05.2015)
6.Voting on section 8 of chapter 3 (15.05.2015)
7.1st voting on recommendation of Hon'ble member Karma Yoezer Raydi on section 16 of chapter 6 (15.05.2015)
8.Second voting on recommendation of Hon Karma Yoezer Raydi on Section 16 of chapter 6 (15.05.2015)
9.Motion by the House Committee to Constitute the Finance Committee (19.05.2015)
10.SAARC Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation (Electricity)-27.05.2015
11.United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNC) for ratification-27.05.2015
12.Ratification of EIB Framework Agreement-27.05.2015
13.Jabmi (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2015-28.05.2015
14.Adoption of Enterprise Registration Bill of Bhutan 2015-01.06.2015
15.Voting on Declaration of Denchi as Pemagatsel Dzongkhag Thromde
16.Voting on Nganglam Thromde as proposed by MoWHS
17.Voting on merger of Bonday with Paro Thromde
18.Voting on Paro Thromde as proposed by MoWHS (03.06.2015)
19.Voting on merger of Gyalposhing with Mongar Thromde (03.06.2015)
20.Voting on Mongar Thromde as proposed by MoWHS (03.06.2015)
21.Voting on merger of Tingtibi with Zhemgang Dzongkhag Thromde
22.Voting on adoption of Companies Bill of Bhutan, 2015 (08.06.2015)
23.Voting on Supplementary Budget Appropriation Bill for the Financial Year 2014-2015
24.Voting on Annual Budget for the Financial Year 2015-2016
25.Voting on Betikha to be Paro Yenlag Thromde
26.Voting on bumthang Dzongkhag Thromde
27.Voting on bumthang Dzongkhag Yenlag Thromde
28.Voting on Dagana Dzongkhag Throde Yenlag Thromde
29.Voting on Dagana Dzongkhag Thromde
30.Voting on Denchi to be Dzongkhag Thromde
31.Voting on Gasa Dzongkhag Throde
32.Voting on Gasa Yenlag Thromde
33.Voting on Haa Dzongkhag Thromde
34.Voting on Haa Yenlag Thromde
35.Voting on Jetsephu to be Paro Yenlag Thromde
36.Voting on Lhuentse Dzongkhag Thromde
37.Voting on Lhuentse Yenlag Thromde
38.Voting on merge of Bondey with Paro Dzongkhag Thromde
39.Voting on merger of Tingtibi with Zhemgang Dzongkhag Thromde on Merger of Tingtibi with Zhemgang
41.Voting on Mongar Dzongkhag Thromde
42.Voting on Mongar Yenlag Thromde on Nganglam to be Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag Thromde
44.Voting on paro Dzongkhag Throde with Dzong , Taa Dzong and Airport
45.Voting on Paro Dzongkhag Thromde
46.Voting on Punakha Dzongkhag Thromde
47.Voting on punakha Yenlag Thromde
48.Voting on Samtse Dzongkhag Thromde
49.Voting on Samtse Yenlag Thromde
50.Voting on Trashi gang Dzongkhag Thromde
51.Voting on Trashi gang Yenlag Thromde
52.Voting on Trashi Yangtse Yenlag Thromde
53.Voting on Trongsa Dzongkhag Throde
54.Voting on Trongsa Yenlag Thromde
55.Voting on Tsirang Dzongkhag Thromde
56.Voting on Tsirang Yenlag Thromde
57.Voting on Wangdue Dzongkhag Thromde
58.Voting on Wangdue Yenlag Thromde
59.Voting on Wangkha to be Paro Yenlag Thromde
60.Voting on wants of pema Gatshel Dzongkhag Throde on Wants of Zhemgang
62.Voting on Zhemgang Yenlag Thromde Result on merger of kilikhar and Gyalposhing with Mongar Thromde
64.Voting Result on Trashi Yangtse Dzongkhag Thromde
65.Voting on Chukha Yenlag Thromde
66.Voting on Sarpang Yenlag Thromde
67.Voting on Thimphu Venlag Thromde
68.Voting on Sumdrup Jongkhar Yenlag Thromde on entitlement and service condition Act for the holder, Members and commission of consititutional offi


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